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Prairie City Rd 99,000 units per day at peak Source: US. 50

East Bidwell St 88,000 units per day at peak Source: US. 50

Latrobe Rd 88,000 units per day at peak Source: US. 50

Bass Lake Rd 79,000 units per day at peak Source: US. 50

This is the first Digital Board on Highway 50 heading back to Sacramento from Tahoe.
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Traffic & Billing Details


Your ad schedule will be submitted to our traffic department for scheduling after the following steps havwe been taken:

• Ad shedule and placement are signed off on by the client.
• Payment options are arranged for - ie: Credit terms approved
• Client passes a Credit Check if not paying for in advance of the run schedule.
• Ad Copy is submitted and approved to meet community standards.

Our Traffic department will provide the following once your schedule is submitted:

• The client will recieve the final contract and order for signatures.
• After the ad has run the client will receive run verification and full notery of the documents for your permanent records or for Co-Op submission.


The Traffic & Billing department will produce all printed documents for schediule reconciliation 15 day post run schedule. The documents will be mailed to the address on file with the client documents. If Co-op documents are required there will be an aditional processing fee of $45. All actual; run schedules will be noterized and client duplucate documents will be to the agency of record.



Our Billing department proceedures:


If you are a new client and are wanting to have credit terms setup for long term advertising you will be subject to a Credit Check performed by Experian. If you are paying up front you will nopt have to go through the Credit Check process.



If you are bonified agency not participating in a bill and remitt client relationship you will need to sibmit a "Letter Of Agency" to qualify for Agency commission. All Credit terms for Agencies are 60 Days Net.




Reimbursement Documentation

• All documents will noterized along with an actual screen capture of the ad copy running during the term of the schedule.

• 2 Sets of original documents and 1 set of coppies will be mail to the agency of record for Co-op submission