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This is the only manufacturer that builds all of its LED modules in the United States. As such, are able to maintain a higher quality and LED calibration standards not possible when modules and displays are assembled overseas.

Board Details

East Bidwell Street & U.S. 50,
Folsom, CA 95630, USA
Latitude: 38.64413
Longitude: -121.116401
All new construction of a 80 foot illuminated pylon sign containing a
“State Of the Art” 14’ by 48’ Digital LED Billboard manufactured
by YESCO a company based in Sacramento.
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About the Billboard

Technical Features

- High resolution 20mm pixel spacing
- Client viewable proof of performance cameras
- Weatherproof silicone sealed components
- Conformal-coated boards & sealed cabinet encasements
- Multiple communication CHANNELS
- Made of only the highest quality LEDs
- Manufactured entirely in the United States.








YESCO is building the world’s most rugged displays in some of Mother Nature’s most unforgiving environments. Their displays have held up to the punishing heat of Las Vegas and Phoenix summers, the brutal cold of Canadian winters, the constant rains of the Pacific Northwest, and the salty humidity of the Florida coast. Their experience is our assurance that they are building the most durable displays on the market. Their objective is the same as ours, to provide industry excellence to one of the most demanding advertising mediums.

Looking good is what it is all about and YESCO Electronics, time after time, has proven to be the best. They start with quality LEDs and narrowly specify their LED selections from only industry leading suppliers that meet their demand for extreme purity. We are confident that YESCO will meet our clients demand for bright and clear images.


Technical Features

Digital Billboard Production Requirements:

File Type: Uncompressed JPG

Color Mode: RGB

Pixel Dimensions:
400px H X 1400px W