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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we run credit checks?
If you are and agency looking for credit terms yes. If you plan to pay up front we have no need for the process.
How long do you have to pay?
If you are extended credit terms as an agency it is 60 day net relationship.
What kind of lead time do we need to get a schedule on the air?
We can get your schedule approved to up on the billboard in as little as a day.
How do I file for Co-op?
We can help you get your Co-op pre-approved and filed.
Can I see my ad LIVE on the Billboard on-line?
All of out clients have the ability to login to a live feed to view their campaign running in real-time.
Do I get a discount for a referral?
We are alway happy to give you a free week of advertising if you bring us a referral that turns into a paid advertiser.
Where do we get our traffic count data?
All of our dat on traffic comes directly fro the State of California Highway 50 data. Here is a link to their site.
Refunds and make goods
All schedules placed are considered final orderes in that you the client have already signed off on the order. Palladio Media will take every opportunity to fullfill your order and will only refund you money if the Digital Billboard is considered off-line or down more than 50 percent of the time during the run date schedule. Per our contract we have 60 days to run all missed spots as make goods.