• We Bring
    smiles to
  • the Best medicine
    is joy
  • what's the best thing about giving?
    it feels good!
  • for more than a decade we have been giving back
    one smile at a time
  • If you would like to get involved, we welcome any
    ideas that could make a difference. Call 909-800-3676
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Join us and help put smiles on the faces of children.
Our annual event is a real morale booster and just what the doctor ordered!




Featured riders from our past shows

Past performers in the FMX shows included Ronnie Renner, Tommy Clowers, Jeff Tilton, Destin Cantrell, Myles Richmond, Kenny Bell, Scotty Stephens, Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Past guests included Jeremy McGrath, Kevin Windham, Travis Pastrana, Jeff Emig, Andrew Short, Grant Langston, Josh Hansen, Sarah Price, Nathan Ramsey, David Vuillemin, Zach Osborne, Danny Smith, Trevor Vines, Mike Metzger, Robbie Maddison, Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, Josh Grant, Nate Adams, Michael Leib, Sean Hamblin, David Pingree, Davi Milsapps, Mike Alessi, Erin Bates, Marty Moates, Jason Lawrence, PJ Larsen, Chris Blose, Justin Brayton, Andy Bell, Cole Seely, Wil Hahn, Christian Craig, Travis Baker, Ricky James, Blake Baggett, Nick Wey

Featured riders for the 2016 show

Kenny Bell

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Jimmy Fitzpatrick

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Josh Hanson

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